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Vandans Vandans, a small town located in Austria, lies in the heart of the Ratikon mountain ranges, with a population of just 2,684. Vandans is found in the state Vorarlberg which is a district of Bludenz. It’s a very mountainous area at 2,165 feet elevation & is well-known for its hiking & skiing. The climate becomes very cold during winter with temperatures that get down to as low as -5 degrees Celsius & summer temperatures peaking at about 23 degrees Celsius. A popular town just next to Vandans is Bartholomaberg which is also a small town popular for its ski & hiking resorts and its many historic buildings and preservations. Commonly, a Vandans ski hire would be needed & used as a method of transportation for tourists, or you can also opt to sign up for guided tours whom will provide you with your transportation. There is a ski hire in Vandans. Here you can book your rental and also other rental items such as skis, snowboards and other ski equipment you may need.

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Despite there being many ski resorts in Vandans, which remember the ski resort may also be a good place to go to rent your ski hire & gear, there are many other popular attractions as well. You can take a stop by the historic Friedhofskirche church, which was built all the way back in 1479 but most recently renovated in 1992. The church is often used to hold ecclesiastic concerts, baptisms and weddings. It’s popularity stems from the beautiful architectural design & the historic background of the church. The Venser chapel is another popular attraction which many have even taken pilgrimages just to see. Many people come to see this Chapel for its historic value; it was built in 1613 as a swear against the plague dedicated directly to the Virgin Mary and St. Sebastian. Next, you have a beautiful reservoir located off of Vandans Ill River which is also a well known & visited area. This is because the reservoir was actually formed by a large & devastating flood that happened near Vanandans in a town called St. Anton with the most recent & devastating flood having happened in 1910. They have guided boat tours to this location, just don't plan on being able to travel to THIS location using just your ski hire.

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The Vandans Ski resort is perhaps the most popular attraction in Vandans. It’s best for beginner skiers & features 8 ski lifts and 10 total ski runs. Just remember to book your ski hire ahead of time or they may all be full, as many people rely on their rented ski hire as their transportation around the mountains of Vandans Ski Resort. Don’t forget to take a stop by the Vorarlberger Illwerke AG, which is a power plant in which you will see a water reservoir used for energy production. They offer group guided tours so you can take a look at the entire factory, also offering tours of the turbines in the Latschau power station. To actually see and understand all of the great things Vandans has to offer, your best bet is to come see it person, as words just can’t describe it all.

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