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Sport's Mountain
Sport's Mountain
Sport's Mountain

Useful shop information

Centre Cial L'Aravet - La Salle, 5240 Serre Chevalier 1400 (Villeneuve)

Opening hours

Season from 9/12/2023 to 14/4/2024

Monday - Sunday 08:00-19:30

You can pick up your equipment in the shop one day prior to your first rental day after 15:30. Night skiing excluded.

Shop benefits

Damage & theft protection

In the case of damage and/or theft, ALPINGUARANTY covers the costs of the resulting damage to the equipment. For an average of only 2 -3% of the replacement value of the protected material. There's no better offer!

Promotions and discounts

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*Valid from 28/4/2024 to 30/4/2024

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